Nature is a primary source of inspiration in my body of work; rather than conveying a literal representation of it, abstract weavings and atmospheric installations are focused on expressing a sense of place, mood or feeling. When I struggle with my life, I am drawn toward nature…that inspires me with a beautiful and poignant dialogue. This dialogue results in the transformation of source material into condensed geometrical constructions.

    My works are characterized by the dichotomy of the natural world (light vs. shadow, sadness vs. joy, life vs. death and recovery). I believe these qualities are inherent to nature and critical to understanding and appreciating its beauty.


  In the recent works, I try to reveal the process of transformation (from an original source of design to the significantly condensed images). I love weaving, dyeing, sewing and manipulating fiber materials. By combining fiber with contrasting materials, I attempt to portray the beautiful harmony of fiber art.